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Indiana Government and State Documents: State Agencies R-W

Revenue, Department of

The Indiana Department of Revenue was created by an Act of the Indiana General Assembly on Feb. 18, 1947.  The Department of Revenue is responsible for providing service to Indiana citizens regarding state tax matters. Additionally, the Department administers state tax laws, develops regulations and makes decisions about tax policy.”

Social Status of Black Males, Indiana Commission on the

The mission of the Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males is to study the social conditions of the state's black male population, develop strategies to remedy or assist in remedying serious adversities, and make recommendations to improve the educational, social, economic, employment, and other circumstances for Hoosiers.”

Stadium and Convention Building Authority, Indiana

Indiana Stadium and Convention Building Authority was established pursuant to House Bill 1120, which has now been codified at Ind. Code 5-1-17, as a new agency of the state to finance, design, construct and own the Lucas Oil Stadium.”

Student Financial Aid, Division of

"The Division of Student Financial Aid's (SFA) mission is to make college affordable through need-based financial aid awards and to allow choice by granting awards to those attending public, independent and proprietary colleges. SFA attempts to increase college preparation through its 21st Century Scholar program and by giving increased awards amounts to those graduating from high school with Academic or Technical Honors Diplomas."

Technology, Indiana Office of

“The Indiana Office of Technology's (IOT) mission is to provide cost-effective, secure, consistent, reliable enterprise technology services to its partner agencies so they can better serve Hoosier taxpayers.”

Tourism Development, Indiana Office of

"The Indiana Office of Tourism Development works closely with industry partners around the state to make our tourism industry the best it can be."


*All quotations on this research guide come from the resource's or agency's website, unless otherwise indicated.

Toxicology, Indiana State Department of

The mission of the Indiana State Department of Toxicology is “to promote the administration of justice by providing cutting edge science, research and education in forensic toxicology to the State of Indiana.”

Transportation, Indiana Department of

INDOT's [Indiana Department of Transportation] mission is to "plan, build, maintain and operate a superior transportation system enhancing safety, mobility, and economic growth.”

Utility Regulatory Commission, Indiana

“The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is a fact-finding body that hears evidence in cases filed before it and makes decisions based on the evidence presented in those cases. An advocate of neither the public nor the utilities, the IURC is required by state statute to make decisions that balance the interests of all parties to ensure the utilities provide adequate and reliable service at reasonable prices.”

Veterans' Affairs, Department of

"Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) has remained focused on aiding and assisting "Hoosier" veterans, and qualified family members or survivors, who are eligible for benefits or advantages provided by Indiana and the U.S. government.

Women, Indiana Commission for

The mission of the Indiana Commission for Women "is to understand the needs of Indiana women and their families, and to work strategically both within government and in our communities to help bring about positive solutions.”

Workforce Development, Department of

The mission of the Department of Workforce Development is “advancing and cultivating economic growth by building a world-class workforce development system in Indiana through partnership and practice.”