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Indiana Government and State Documents: State Agencies A-C

Accounts, State Board of

"We are dedicated to providing the citizens of the State of Indiana with complete confidence in the integrity and financial accountability of state and local government."

Administration, Department of

IDOA centrally manages activities relating to state purchasing, the vehicle fleet, state travel, real estate leases, property disposition, and the Government Center Campus, among others. In addition to agency support, the department provides assistance to minority, women and veteran business enterprises interested in state contracting opportunities. Commissioner of the Department of Administration is Lesley A. Crane.

Through its activities, IDOA helps to ensure the smooth function of state government, finding efficient and effective solutions to government-wide needs.”

Agriculture, Indiana State Department of

"The Indiana State Department of Agriculture (ISDA) was established as a separate state agency by the Legislature in 2005. Administratively, ISDA reports to the Lt. Governor, who also serves as Indiana’s Secretary of Agriculture and Rural Development. Major responsibilities include advocacy for Indiana agriculture at the local, state and federal level, managing soil conservation programs, promoting economic development and agricultural innovation, serving as a regulatory ombudsman for agricultural businesses, and licensing grain firms throughout the state.

Alcohol and Tobacco Commission, Indiana

“The general purposes of the Alcohol & Tobacco Commission's work, as defined by law, are:

    • To protect the economic welfare, health, peace, and morals of the people of this state
    • To regulate and limit the manufacture, sale, possession, and use of alcohol and alcoholic beverages
    • To regulate the sale, possession, and distribution of tobacco products   
    • To provide for the raising of revenue”

Animal Health, Indiana State Board of

  “While the original mission [of the Indiana State Board of Animal Health] to "prevent and suppress contagious and infectious diseases among the livestock," has not changed in over 100 years, the scope of BOAH's work has expanded:

    • to enhance Indiana's economy by protecting Hoosiers' investment in animal agriculture, wildlife, horses and companion animals.
    • to protect public health by preventing and controlling the spread of animal diseases, such as rabies, which pose a threat to people.
    • to maintain a vital link in a safe food supply through the state meat and poultry and dairy inspection programs.
    • to help people and their animals who are victims of large-scale disasters such as floods and tornadoes.”


*All quotations on this research guide come from the resource's or agency's website, unless otherwise indicated.

Arts Commission, Indiana

The mission of the Indiana Arts Commission is “to positively impact the cultural, economic and educational climate of Indiana by providing responsible leadership for and public stewardship of artistic resources for all of our State's citizens and communities.”

Budget Agency, Indiana State

The State Budget Agency is charged with the duty and responsibility of serving as fiscal analyst, administrative budget officer, fiscal forecaster and fiscal policy advisor to the Governor. By statute, the Governor appoints the State Budget Director and two Deputy Directors.

The Budget Agency facilitates the processes of revenue forecasting and budget development and implementation.  The agency is also responsible for evaluating the fiscal and policy impacts of legislative proposals and making this information available to decision makers.  Each biennium, the agency compiles fiscal data from state agencies and works with the legislature to develop the State’s budget.

At the Governor’s request, the legislature created the Office of Management and Budget, effectively bringing together the financial and auditing functions of the state.  The Budget Agency is but one entity that falls under the purview of the Office of Management and Budget. 

More information about the State Budget Agency can be found in Title 4, Article 12, Chapter 1 of the Indiana Code.”

Chemist & Seed Commissioner, Office of

The Indiana State Chemist is charged with administering several agricultural laws involving animal feeds, fertilizers, pesticides and seeds. The goals of these laws are to ensure truth-in-labeling, food safety, user safety and the protection of our environment.”


Child Services, Indiana Department of

The Indiana Department of Child Services engages with families and collaborates with state, local and community partners to protect children from abuse and neglect and to provide child support services."

Civil Rights Commission, Indiana

The Indiana Civil Rights Commission enforces the Indiana civil rights laws and provides education and services to the public in an effort to ensure equal opportunity for all Hoosiers and visitors to the State of Indiana.

Community & Rural Affairs, Indiana Office of

"The Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs works with local, state and national partners to provide resources and technical assistance to aid communities in shaping and achieving their vision for community and economic development. 

Correction, Department of

We promote public safety by providing meaningful, effective opportunities for successful re-entry.