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Freedom of Information Act: FOIAonline

About FOIAonline



  • FOIAonline is an internet portal that allows users to create and submit FOIA requests, to search previously submitted FOIA requests, and to access released government materials.
  • Users who have several requests are able to create an account to manage their requests and track their progress.
  • Although all federal agencies must comply with FOIA, not all federal agencies participate in FOIAonline. The website FOIAonline was not mandated by the original FOIA act and is simply what some federal agencies have decided to utilize to process and display released information in a single interface.


Available Agencies

  • The following agencies utilize FOIAonline to process their FOIA requests:

- U.S. Department of Commerce

- Department of Treasury

- U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

- Federal Labor Relations Authority

- Merit Systems Protection Board

- National Archives and Records Administration


  • Starting in December 2012, FOIAonline is also able to track a limited number of FOIA status requests for the following agencies:

- Departmental Offices (headquarters)

- Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau

- Bureau of the Fiscal Service

- Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

- United States Mint

  Please note: While many federal agencies participate in FOIAonline, the date range of the materials available varies by organizations.

Noteworthy FOIAonline Resources

FOIAonline Public User Guide

- Basic, user-friendly guide to using FOIA online.

FOIA Glossary

- Definitions of widely-used keywords.

Available FOIA Requests

- Lists available archived FOIA requests by agency.

Sample FOIAonline Documents

Government Briefings on UFO's

- Declassified documents regarding an investigation into reported UFO's.

Sample FOIA Requests for Clinton Library

- List of FOIA requests for the Clinton Presidential Library.

National Archives Presentation on Security Clearance

- Explanation of policies regarding individuals with a security clearance.