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Ashley Ahlbrand

Faculty publications for Ashley Ahlbrand

Ashley Ahlbrand

Associate Director for Public Services & Adjunct Lecturer in Law

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Ashley Ahlbrand 

Associate Director for Public Services, Associate Librarian, and Adjunct Lecturer in Law

Beyond the Citation Count: Alternative Methods for Measuring Scholarly Impact, for “The Role of Citation in the Law: A Symposium at the Yale Law Library” [forthcoming April 2021].

On the Ground: Real World Solutions: From Start to Finish: Tips from an Imperfect but Aspiring Writer, 26 AALL SPECTRUM 36-38 (Sept./Oct. 2021). [HeinOnline]

Understanding & Tracking Presidential Transitions, 43 THE CRIV SHEET 10-12 (Feb. 2021).

CRIV Sheet Summaries: A Review of AALL Annual Meeting Education Programs - Legal Ethics in the Use of Artificial Intelligence, 43 THE CRIV SHEET 12-13 (Nov. 2020).

CRIV Sheet Summaries: A Review of AALS Programming, 42 THE CRIV SHEET 6-7 (Feb. 2020).

Analyzing Analytics: Litigation Analytics in Bloomberg Law, Westlaw Edge, and Lexis Advance, 42 THE CRIV SHEET 9-11 (Feb. 2020).

Memorializing the Right to Free Speech: Hess v. Indiana and the IU Bicentennial, 32 InULA NOTES 22-24 (Dec. 2019).

Thinking on Your Feet: Reflections of a First-Time Online Instructor, 25 PERSPECTIVES: TEACHING LEGAL AND WRITING 114 (2017). 

Commonality through Diversity: Reflections on the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Ohio Regional Association of Law Libraries27 InULA NOTES 2 (Fall 2015).

A Conversation with John Bean26 InULA NOTES 6 (Spring 2014).

Meet the New(ish) Librarians26 InULA NOTES 20 (Fall 2014).

Tweeted Out: Management Tools to Prevent Social Media from Monopolizing Your Time, 18 AALL Spectrum 14 (Mar. 2014). [HeinOnline]

The "Social" Side of Libraries, 17 AALL SPECTRUM 12 (2013). [HeinOnline]

Degree Pedigree: Assessing the Effect of Degree-Granting Institutions’ Ranks on Prospective Employment at Academic Law Libraries (with Michael Johnson), 104 LAW LIBRARY JOURNAL 553 (2012). [HeinOnline]

"Free" Access to Government Information: How the Current Budget Crisis May Affect Government Publishing and Access to Government Information, 39 DOCUMENTS TO THE PEOPLE 26 (Winter 2011).  [HeinOnline]