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Ashley Ahlbrand

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Ashley Ahlbrand 

Associate Director for Public Services, Associate Librarian, and Adjunct Lecturer in Law

Break into Tax: Tax Concepts & Contexts Explained -- Breaking into Tax (by Leandra Lederman and Allison Christians) is a video series on YouTube featuring Professors Lederman and Christians, "two seasoned tax profs, here to break down tax-related concepts."

Sources of Tax Authority (with Leandra Lederman) (Jan. 17, 2022).

How To Do Tax Research (with Leandra Lederman) (Jan. 12, 2022).

How To Do Legal Research (with Leandra Lederman) (Jan. 10, 2022).

The RIPS Law Librarian Blog -- The RIPS Law Librarian Blog is published by the Research, Instruction, and Patron Services Special Interest Section (RiPS-SIS) of the American Association of Law Libraries.

     Practice Makes Perfect: Assessment to Improve Student Learning and Instruction (May 9, 2017).

     Ready, Set, Go! Summer Preparedness for Law Students (Apr. 11, 2017).

     Learning Theories and Law: Behaviorism, Cognitivism, Construction (Mar. 14, 2017).

     Deadline Extended: Contribute to the 25th National Legal Research Teach-In Kit Today! (Feb. 14, 2017).

     Teaching During Transition (Jan. 17, 2017).

     Stop, Collaborate, and Listen: Supporting Librarian Scholarship with Your Institution (Nov. 15, 2016).

     Charting a New Course: A Foray into Instructional Design (Oct. 18, 2016).

     Staying Organized in a Disorganized World (Sept. 22, 2016).

     Undergoing Maintenance: The Challenges (and Rewards!) of Converting a Course to an Online Format (Aug. 22, 2016).

     Making Lemons into Lemonade: Libraries and the Challenge of the Website Transition (May 11, 2016).

     Tackling the Many and Various Problems of Scholarship Preservation (Feb. 29, 2016).

     Teaching, Technology, and Tools: A Look at the RIPS Teach-In Kit Multiverse (Jan. 28, 2016).

     Learning Outcomes and the Law Library: Contribute, Create, Collaborate (Dec. 2, 2015).

     Implementing Diversity in All We Do: Reflections on the ORALL Annual Meeting (Oct. 30, 2015).

     The Art and Science of Library Event Planning...or What to Expect When You're Expecting a Crowd (Sept. 24, 2015).

     Legal Research "Junk Drawer," or, Advanced Factual Research (June 2, 2015).

     Call for Contributions: 2015 RIPS Teach-In Kit (Jan. 13, 2015).

Ms JD -- Ms JD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of women in law school and in the legal profession.

     Last Call: Applications to Be a 2016 Ms.JD Writer in Residence Due November 1st (Oct. 29, 2015).

     Calling All Writers! Ms.JD Is Now Accepting Applications for the 2016 Writers in Residence Program (Sept. 16, 2015).

     A New Year, A New Round of Writers: Introducing the 2015 Writers in Residence (Jan. 2, 2015).

     Research Makeover: Keeping Up and Staying Current (Dec. 11, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Strategy in Legal Research -- Seeing Your Research Through from Beginning to End (Nov. 6, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Updating Your (Research) Look with (Browser) Extensions (Oct. 6, 2014).

     Research Makeover: When Legal Research & the Model Rules Collide (Sept. 5, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Mightier than the Sword? A Look at Capitol Words (Aug. 5, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Digging into Government Websites (July 4, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Is Crowdsourcing Entering the Legal Research Arena? A Look at Mootus & Casetext (June 5, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Puzzling Through Legislative Histories (May 5, 2014).     

     Research Makeover: Judge and Jurify (Apr. 4, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Admin Law -- A Foundational Legal Research Skill (Mar. 4, 2014).

     Research Makeover: Unravelling Ravel Law (Feb. 4, 2014).

     Research Makeover: The Overlooked Lawyering Skill (Jan. 3, 2014).

Hiring Librarians -- invited guest blogger

     Researcher's Corner: Does Choice of School Matter? Becoming an Academic Law Librarian (Jan. 16, 2013).