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Deborah Widiss

Faculty bibliography for Professor Widiss


Deborah Widiss

Associate Dean for Research; Professor of Law and Ira C. Batman Faculty Fellow


EXTRA CREDIT: A LEGAL GUIDE FOR NONPROFITS OFFERING IN-SCHOOL AND AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAMS (with Elizabeth Guggenheimer, Eds.) New York: Lawyers Alliance for New York, 2002.


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Editorials & Commentaries

Single Moms Left Behind by Parental Leave Laws, INDY MIDTOWN MAGAZINE (May 15, 2020).

Practical Tips for Interpreting Statutory Overrides71 ADVOCATE 18 (Summer 2015). [HeinOnline]

Marriage Policy Encourages One Spouse to Stay Home and the Other to Work: How Will this Affect Same-Sex Couples as they Gain More and More Legal Rights?THE ATLANTIC (June 2013).

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