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India Thusi

Faculty bibliography for Professor Thusi.


India Thusi

Professor of Law 




Toward an Abolitionist Future, (with Allegra McLeod and Jamelia Morgan), UCLA LAW REVIEW (forthcoming, 2023).

Ne Nya Sexpuritanerna, 34 YALE JOURNAL OF LAW AND FEMINISM 66 (2023). [HeinOnline]

The Racialized History of Vice Policing, 69 UCLA LAW REVIEW (2023). 

The Pathological Whiteness of Prosecution, 110 CALIFORNIA LAW REVIEW 795 (2022). [HeinOnline]

Decriminalizing Pleasure, UCLA LAW REVIEW (forthcoming 2022).

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Policing Sex: The Colonial, Apartheid, and New Democracy Regulation of Sex Work in South Africa, 38 FORDHAM INTERNATIONAL LAW JOURNAL 205 (2015). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Systemic Failure: the School-to-Prison Pipeline and Discrimination Against Poor Minority Students, (as India Geronimo) 13 JOURNAL OF LAW IN SOCIETY 281 (2011). [HeinOnline]

Deconstructing the Marginalization of "Underclass" Students: Disciplinary Alternative Education (as India Geronimo), 42 UNIVERSITY OF TOLEDO LAW REVIEW 429 (2010). [HeinOnline]

Reasonably Predictable: The Reluctance to Embrace Judicial Discretion for Substantial Assistance Departures (as I. India Geronimo), 33 FORDHAM URBAN LAW JOURNAL 1321 (2006). [HeinOnline]

Book Chapters

Revised Majority Opinion for  Erotic Services Provider Legal Education and Research Project v. Gascon, in FEMINIST JUDGMENTS: REWRITTEN CRIMINAL LAW OPINIONS (Bennett Capers, Sarah Deer, and Corey R. Young, eds.), Cambridge University Press, 2021.

Book Reviews

Feminist Scripts for Punishment, reviewing Aya Gruber, THE FEMINIST WAR ON CRIME, 134 HARVARD LAW REVIEW 2449 (2021). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Editorials & Commentaries

(Remarks) Policing Black Women: Challenges and Opportunities for International Law, 116 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF INTERNATIONAL LAW PROCEEDINGS 74 (2022). [HeinOnline]

What Prosecutors Get Wrong About Sex Trafficking, THE VOICE OF SAN DIEGO (May 16, 2018).

Trump Exploits Parkland Shooting by Trying to Push More Kids Out of School, SALON (March 21, 2018).

Jeff Sessions is Stuck in the Police Work of the Past, THE HILL (July 19, 2017).

5 Policy Changes Needed in the Wake of the Alton Sterling Case, THE HILL (May 4, 2017).

Trump and Sessions Peddle Fear Instead of Solutions to Crime, THE HILL (Apr. 26, 2017).

Trump Shouldn't Stop Momentum for Criminal Justice Reform, THE HILL (Nov. 23, 2016).

Why is Sessions Doubling Down on a Failed Drug War? THE HILL (May 12, 2017).

10 Ways to Hold Police Who Kill Blacks Accountable, EBONY (Dec. 9, 2016).


Blog Posts

Insights: The Opportunity Agenda Blog: "blog posts from The Opportunity Agenda staff and partners that feature thought leadership on communication and culture for narrative shift."

#2020Census: The Value of Counting Everyone (June 27, 2019).

Protecting DACA and Our Dreams (Sept. 1, 2017).

How to Talk About the Executive Orders on Policing (Mar. 2, 2017).

Other Publications

Beyond Policing (policy report), THE OPPORTUNITY AGENDA (2020).

Human Rights in State Courts (policy report, with Martha F. Davis), THE OPPORTUNITY AGENDA (2017). [SSRN]

Transforming the System (policy report), THE OPPORTUNITY AGENDA (2016).

Policy Report: Policing in Schools (as I. India Geronimo, with Catherine Y. Kim), AMERICAN CIVIL LIBERTIES UNION (2009).

Working Papers

Corpor(e)al Punishment

Sexual Intimacy in the Metaverse

A Constitutional Theory of Prostitution

The Color of Blame

Y.O. (book manuscript)