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Victor D. Quintanilla

Faculty bibliography for Professor Quintanilla

Victor D. Quintanilla

Professor of Law; Co-Director, Center for Law, Society, & Culture; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences​

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Victor D. Quintanilla

Professor of Law; Co-Director, Center for Law, Society, & Culture; Adjunct Faculty, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences


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Book Chapters

Digital Inequalities and Access to Justice: Dialing into Zoom Court Unrepresented (David Engstrom and Jonah Gelbach), in LEGAL TECHNOLOGY AND THE FUTURE OF CIVIL JUSTICE (David Engstrom and Jonah Gelbach, eds.), forthcoming, 2022.

Social Cognition and Access to Justice in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK ON SOCIAL COGNITION (Kurt Hugenberg et al., eds.), forthcoming 2022.

The Social Psychological Study of Access to Justice in THE HANDBOOK ON LAW & PSYCHOLOGY (Rebecca Hollander-Blumoff, ed.), forthcoming 2022.

Doorways of Discretion: Critical Race Theory and Civil Procedure in THE CRITICAL GUIDE TO CIVIL PROCEDURE (Portia Pedro, et al., eds.), forthcoming 2021.

Race and Civil Procedure, in THE OXFORD HANDBOOK OF RACE AND LAW IN THE UNITED STATES (Devon Carbado, et al., eds.), forthcoming 2021.


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A Five-Year Retroactive Analysis of Cut Score Impact: California’s Proposed Supervised Provisional License Program (with Mitchel Winick, Sam Erman, Christina Chong-Nakatsuchi, and Michael Frisby), AccessLex Institute Research Paper, 2020. [SSRN]

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