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Christiana Ochoa

Faculty bibliography for Dean Ochoa


Christiana Ochoa

Dean; Professor of Law and Class of 1950 Herman B Wells Endowed Professor; Academic Director, Indiana University Mexico Gateway


Deals in the Heartland: Renewable Energy Projects, Local Resistance, and How Law Can Help107 Minnesota Law Review 1055 (2023).


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Book Chapters

Generating Conflict: Gold, Water and Vulnerable Communities in the Colombian Highlands in NATURAL RESOURCES AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT: INTERNATIONAL ECONOMIC LAW PERSPECTIVES (C. Tan and J. Faundez, Eds.). Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2017.

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Book Reviews

Book Review. Dine, Janet, Companies, International Trade and Human Rights, 28 HUMAN RIGHTS QUARTERLY 289 (2006). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Blog Posts

The Conversation -- The Conversation: Academic rigor, journalistic flair "is a nonprofit, independent news organization dedicated to unlocking the knowledge of experts for the public good. We publish trustworthy and informative articles written by academic experts for the general public and edited by our team of journalists." (About)

Plans for Deep Seabed Mining Pit Renewable Energy Demand Against Ocean Life in a Largely Unexplored Frontier (with Scott Shackelford, David Bosco, Kerry Krutilla) (Jan. 17, 2023).

IntLawGrrls -- IntLawGrrls was founded in March 2007 by Diane Marie Amann as a blog authored by women who teach and work in international law, policy and practice.

On the Job! Law Dean at Indiana-Bloomington (Oct. 4, 2012).

Go On! ASIL/AALS Panel on Hiring IntLaw Professors (Oct. 3, 2012).

Brazil/Inter American Commission Standoff (May 5, 2011).

OECD National Contact Points (Feb. 25, 2009).

Sirius Piracy (Nov. 18, 2008).

Workplan on Business and Human Rights (Oct. 28, 2008).

Corruption, Conflict and Oil (Oct. 17, 2008).

Lateral and Entry Level Hiring at Indiana Law (Aug. 14, 2008).

Write On! Reminders (Aug. 9, 2008).

Write On! New Voices in Human Rights (June 30, 2008).

Operationalizing the Ruggie Report (June 18, 2008).

Who Counts in Making Custom? (Oct. 24, 2007).

Opinio Juris -- Opinio Juris is a forum for informed discussion and lively debate about international law and international relations.

Sovereign Wealth Funds , Social Arrears and the Role of Corruption (Jan. 29, 2009).

A Response to Professor Ochoa (Jan. 29, 2009).

The Individual and Customary International Law Formation (Oct. 18, 2007).

Faust Response to Ochoa Article (by Jordan Paust) (Oct. 18, 2007).

Ochoa Reply to Paust (Oct. 18, 2007).

Other Works

Intransigence, Transition, Transformation: Natural Resources and Conflict Under Latin America's Modern Constitutions, Indiana Legal Studies Research Paper No. 468 (posted Nov. 2021). [SSRN]

OTRA COSA NO HAY!/THERE IS NOTHING ELSE (Documentary film). Columbia: Enlalucha Films, 2014.