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Apps for Law School and the Legal Profession: Home

This guide provides links and basic information on a variety of apps related to law study, law practice, and personal and professional organization

How to Use this Guide

On this first page you'll notice links to app search engines for various mobile devices.  But don't stop here!  Using the tabs at the top of the screen, view the other pages of this research guide to find apps in the following areas:


This guide was created to provide patrons with basic information on a variety of today's apps for the study and practice of law.  In addition, we have included a page on apps that can assist with personal and professional organization and productivity. 

Please note: The apps listed in this guide are not endorsed by the law school or library in any way; rather they are listed as a product of research into the most popular and helpful apps for the law and legal communities.

There are hundreds of apps that relate to the legal field, and the number continues to grow.  We have only listed a sampling of some of the most popular legal apps here.  If you feel that we have left out one that ought to be included, please let us know by emailing the guide author, Ashley Ahlbrand.

Relevant Books

Technology skills for lawyers is a hot topic right now, and something to consider as you get ready to embark on your legal career.  We are constantly adding new books to our collection on law practice technologies.  These are quick reads, but offer a wealth of information on everything from client management software to Facebook, covering topics such as professional conduct, data security, and more.  This is a dynamic list and will change as new titles are added.  Click on any of the titles in this list to access their catalog records in IUCAT.  To see a full list of these titles, click here.

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