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Dawn Johnsen

Faculty bibliography for Professor Johnsen


Dawn Johnsen

Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law


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Book Chapters

The Supreme Court's Legitimacy Crisis and Constitutional Democracy's Future, in DEMOCRACY UNCHAINED: HOW TO REBUILD GOVERNMENT FOR THE PEOPLE (David W. Orr, et al., eds.). New York: The New Press, (2020). 

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Book Reviews

Book Review. Justice Brennan: Legacy of a Champion, Stern, S. and Wermiel, S., Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion, 111 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 1151 (2013). [HeinOnline] [SSRN]

Book Review. Powell, H.J., A Community Built on Words: The Constitution in History and Politics, 101 INDIANA MAGAZINE OF HISTORY 310 (Sept. 2005).

Editorials & Commentaries

VOTE - What's at Stake: The Courts, BLOOM MAGAZINE (Oct. 24, 2020).

Yes, A Wealth Tax Would Be Constitutional (with Walter Dellinger), WASHINGTON POST (Jan. 11, 2020).

Stakes Couldn't Be Higher with Court Selection (with John Hamilton), HERALD-TIMES (July 9, 2018).

Engagement by Citizens Must Follow MarchesHERALD-TIMES (Jan. 25, 2017).

Tipping the Scale, 34 THE WASHINGTON MONTHLY 1519 (July 2002).

Blog Posts

Take Care Blog -- Take Care: Ensuring the President "shall take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed"

Trump's Advisors Need to Step Up, Or Step Out (May 24, 2017).

Dark Money and Judicial Nominations Under Trump (And Beyond) (May 9, 2017).

Judicial Deference to President Trump (May 8, 2017).

We Need a National Debate on a Federal Tax on Wealth (with Walter Dellinger) (Apr. 14, 2017).

Symposium on "The Future of the U.S. Constitution" (Apr. 13, 2017).

Other Publications

A Progressive's Agenda for Women's Reproductive Health and Liberty on Roe v. Wade's Thirty-Fifth Anniversary, Issue Brief for the American Constitution Society (Jan. 2008).