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William D. Henderson

Faculty bibliography for Professor Henderson


William Henderson

Stephen F. Burns Professor of Law


LEGAL ETHICS, PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY, AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION (with Charles G. Geyh, St. Paul, MN: West Academic Publishing, 2018.


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Book Chapters

The Legal Profession and Legal Services: Nature and Evolution, in LEGAL ETHICS, PROFESSIONAL RESPONSIBILITY, AND THE LEGAL PROFESSION, 1st Ed., (Gregory Sisk, ed.). West Academic, 2018.

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Book Reviews

Book Review. Barton, Benjamin H., Glass Half Full: The Decline and Rebirth of the Legal Profession, 27 LAW AND POLITICS BOOK REVIEW 28 (Feb. 2017).

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Book Review. Second Look at the Second City: Chicago Lawyers Changed a Lot in 20 Years, Heinz, J., et al., Urban Lawyers: The New Structure of the Bar, LEGAL AFFAIRS (November/December 2005). [Journal Website]

Editorials & Commentaries

The Institute for the Future of Law Practice: A New Narrative for Legal Education and the Legal Profession, PD QUARTERLY (Nov. 2019).

Well-Timed Solutions for Legal Education and the Bar, 44 LAW PRACTICE 56 (July/Aug. 2018). [HeinOnline]

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Five Strategies of Top Law Firms (with Evan Parker), THE AMERICAN LAWYER (Jan. 3, 2017).

The Legal Profession's "Last Mile Problem"LAW.COM (July 19, 2017).

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Underestimate Harvard's New Admissions Strategy at Your Own RiskLAW.COM (Mar. 30, 2017).

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Rank Economics: Law Schools Have No One to Blame but Themselves for the Power of U.S. News Rankings (with Andrew J. Morriss), THE AMERICAN LAWYER 81 (June, 2007).

Other Publications

The Legal Market Landscape Report. State Bar of California, July 19, 2018.

Publications (cont.)

Blog Posts

Legal Evolution -- Legal Evolution was founded in 2017 by Professor Bill Henderson. It's mission is to provide lawyers, legal educators, and allied professionals with high quality information to solve very difficult industry-specific problems. Much of the research presented in Legal Evolution is grounded in diffusion theory.

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How to Navigate "Parochial and Self-Interested Concerns" (Aug. 6, 2020).

Lawyers and Teamwork, Part I: Motivation (Aug. 2, 2020).

Overview of States Considering Regulatory Changes (Jul. 30, 2020).

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Scoring Your Innovation (June 16, 2019).

Choosing Leadership: A Workbook (June 9, 2019).

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Workplace Transparency, Part I: Is It Time to Take Glassdoor Seriously? (with Evan Parker), (May 26, 2019).

New Voices, Fresh Perspectives: Guest Contributor Opportunities (May 12, 2019).

What's the Best Way to Stretch Legal Aid Dollars? (Apr. 28, 2019).

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Elevate's Liam Brown (Mar. 17, 2019).

Regular Contributor Evan Parker (Mar. 3, 2019).

A Theory of Legal Industry Events (Feb. 17, 2019).

Pay-Hours Tradeoff at London Law Firms and Related Existential Issues (Feb. 3, 2019).

Special Post: A+ Team Being Assembled at Baker McKenzie (Jan. 27, 2019).

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Can Microsoft Hit "Refresh" on Client-Law Firm Relations? (Sept. 30, 2018).

Our Journey to Big (Sept. 16, 2018).

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What Signal Are Legal Employers Sending to Legal Education? (Aug. 26, 2018).

Long-Form Content (Aug. 12, 2018).

Four Charts to Better Understand the Class of 2017 (Aug. 5, 2018).

The Failed Storefront Revolution and the Inner Guild in All of Us (July 29, 2018).

Legal Services Landscape Report (July 22, 2018).

Studying Leadership Before the Big Test, Part II (July 15, 2018).

Studying Leadership Before the Big Test, Part I (July 8, 2018).

The Godfather Just Lateraled to a Law Firm (July 1, 2018).

ULX Partners: UnitedLex Develops Solution to Law Firm Innovation Risk (June 17, 2018).

Introducing Contributor Jae Um (May 28, 2018).

Legal Evolution Graphics, Year 1 (May 13, 2018).

Confusing Conversations about Clients (May 6, 2018).

My Long History with Law Firm Scorecards (Apr. 29, 2018).

Legal Academics Grappling with the Future of Legal Ed (Apr. 2, 2018).

Lucy Bassli Shares Her Thought Process Behind Her Major Career Move (Mar. 8, 2018).

The Institute for the Future of Law Practice (Feb. 11, 2018).

Legal Services and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) (Jan. 30, 2018).

Successful Technology Adoption: David Cambria (ADM) and Eric Elfman (Onit) Discuss their Collaboration (Dec. 31, 2017).

"The Lawyer Theory of Value" by Casey Flaherty (Dec. 20, 2017).

Can Intrapreneurship Solve the Innovator's Dilemma? Law Firm Examples (Dec. 2, 2017).

Student Capstone Presentations: Visitors Welcome (Nov. 24, 2017).

The Decline of the PeopleLaw Sector (Nov. 19, 2017).

A Deep Dive into Axiom (Nov. 15, 2017).

"The State of Technology in the Law" Mark Chandler Speech from January 2007 (Nov. 11, 2017).

Consultative Sales and Distribution Channels: How and Why It Matters to Legal Innovation Diffusion (Nov. 6, 2017).

The 2017 Forum on Legal Evolution (Oct. 28, 2017).

A Law School Class on How Innovation Diffuses in the Legal Industry (Oct. 25, 2017).

Currell on Convergence and Preferred Provider Panels (Oct. 10, 2017).

A Successful Legal Change Management Story (Oct. 8, 2017).

"Crossing the Chasm" and the "Hype Cycle", Part III (Sept. 26, 2017).

"Crossing the Chasm" and the "Hype Cycle", Part II (Sept. 22, 2017).

"Crossing the Chasm" and the "Hype Cycle", Part I (Sept. 18, 2017).

Public Event: Soft Skills for the Effective Lawyer (Sept. 14, 2017).

Inside the Client's Head: 2017 CLOC Institute Programming (Sept. 1, 2017).

The Legal Services Innovation Index (Aug. 24, 2017).

Change Agents and Opinion Leaders (Aug. 16, 2017).

Honest and Informed Conversations (Aug. 8, 2017).

Legal Operations Skills During Your 1L Summer (Aug. 2, 2017).

Innovation in Organizations, Part III (July 27, 2017).

Innovation in Organizations, Part II (July 23, 2017).

Innovation in Organizations, Part I (July 20, 2017).

Example of Automating Private Placement Documentation (July 13, 2017).

Generalizing about Clients (July 6, 2017).

Glass Half Full: The Decline and Rebirth of the Legal Profession (Book Review) (July 2, 2017).

Fast Versus Slow Innovations (June 21, 2017).

World Class Innovation and Efficiency, Billed by the Hour (June 18, 2017).

Online Dispute Resolution Leader Modria Acquired by Tyler Technologies (June 2, 2017).

Variables Determining the Rate of Adoption of Innovations (May 29, 2017).

Units of Analysis and Adopter Types (May 21, 2017).

Supply of Law Graduates Is Shrinking, But So Is Demand (May 14, 2017).

Six Types of Law Firm Clients (May 9, 2017).

What Is the Rogers Diffusion Curve? (May 8, 2017).

How Much Are Corporations In-Sourcing Legal Services? (May 2, 2017).

A Measure of Overcapacity in Legal Education (May 2, 2017).

What Is Legal Evolution? (May 1, 2017).

The Legal Whiteboard -- The Legal Whiteboard was a member of the Law Professor Blog Network, the nation's only network of legal blogs edited primarily by law professors. It was published from 2012 to 2017.

Thank You for Your Readership (May 3, 2017).

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So, A Rough Cartoon Always Says Much...* (Apr. 27, 2017).

Why Believe in Others (Apr. 26, 2017).

Bi-Modal Distribution: A Picture of the Melting Right Mode (Apr. 25, 2017).

Jerry Organ's First Post Using Enrollment Trend Data to Understand and Prepare for Future (Apr. 23, 2017).

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The Connection between Coaching and Mentoring and Great Lawyer Careers -- Sporkin's Kids and other Examples (Mar. 25, 2016).

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Building the Legal Startup (Jan. 11, 2016)

Family Tree of Some of the Great NYC Law Firms (Dec. 27, 2015).

Income at KPMG Legal Up 53 Per Cent (Dec. 21, 2015).

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Part III: Alumni Surveys, Responses on the Law School Experience (Nov. 4, 2015).

Part II: Alumni Surveys, Pre-Law Characteristics and Motivations (Nov. 2, 2015).

Part I: What Can We Learn by Studying Law School Alumni? A Case Study of One Law School (Nov. 2, 2015).

Is There a Right Way to Respond to the "Law School Debt Crisis" Editorial? (Oct. 25, 2015).

William H. Neukom Fellows Research Chair in Diversity and Law (Sept. 22, 2015).

American Bar Foundation Research Professor (Sept. 22, 2015).

In India, Big 4 and Elite Law Firms in Direct Competition for Highly Lucrative Advisory Work (Sept. 16, 2015).

"In Praise of Law Reviews (And Jargon-Filled, Academic Writing)"  (Sept. 9, 2015).

What's Driving the Demographic Gap between BigLaw Leaders and their CEO/GC Clients? (Sept. 1, 2015).

How Is the Entry-Level Legal Job Market in Australia? (Aug. 6, 2015).

Metrics and Legal Ops Professionals (Aug. 4, 2015).

Legal Analytics to Build Substantive Legal Strategy (Aug. 1, 2015).

Prof. Henderson's earlier blog posts from The Legal Whiteboard may be found here.

Empirical Legal Studies Blog -- "Bringing Data and Methods to our Legal Madness"

New Data on BigLaw Contraction: Patterns of Winners & Losers (Nov. 13, 2009).

Funding Opportunity for Litigation Research (Sept. 11, 2009).

Drawing the Rights Lessons from the Bleak Entry-Level Legal Job Market (Sept. 3, 2009).

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The End of an Era: The Bi-Modal Distribution for the Class of 2008 (June 29, 2009).

Call for Papers for "Law Firm Evolution: Brave New World or Business as Usual? (June 11, 2009).

Invitation to Empirical Workshop at 2009 Annual SEALS Conference (May 18, 2009).

First Signs of a New Equilibrium in Entry-Level Salaries (May 11, 2009).

Henderson's Hierarchy of Blogging (May 8, 2009).

Research Fellow Position -- Center for the Study of the Legal Profession (Feb. 24, 2009).

Conference on Empirical Research on the Legal Profession (Jan. 27, 2009).

Selling BigLaw Short (Dec. 16, 2008).

Indiana Law Receives $35 Million Naming Gift; University Foundation Provides 100% Matching Funds (Dec. 4, 2008).

Effect of "High Score" Rule on Volume of LSAT Repeaters (Dec. 3, 2008).

LSA/ABF/NSF Law and Social Science Dissertation Fellowship and Mentoring Program (Dec. 1, 2008).

Research Conference on Access to Civil Justice: Empirical Perspectives (Nov. 15, 2008).

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Prof. Henderson's earlier blog posts from Empirical Legal Studies Blog may be found here