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Richard Vaughan

Faculty bibliography for Richard Vaughan

Book Reviews

Richard Vaughan

Associate Librarian for Acquisitions and Lecturer in Law

Book Review. Adventures of a Jazz Age Lawyer: Nathan Burkan and the Making of Popular Culture, JOURNAL OF THE WEST (forthcoming, 2020).

Book Review. America's Best Female Sharpshooter: The Rise and Fall of Lillian Frances Smith, 58 no. 1 JOURNAL OF THE WEST (2019).

Book Review. Thybony, Scott,  The Disappearances: A Story of Exploration, Murder, and Mystery in the American West, 56 no.2 JOURNAL OF THE WEST (Forthcoming 2017).

Book Review. Davis, John W., The Trial of Tom Horn55 no. 3 JOURNAL OF THE WEST (2016).

Book Review.  DeMattos, Jack and Chuck Parsons, The Notorious Luke Short: Sporting Man of the Wild West, 55 no. 2 JOURNAL OF THE WEST (2016).

Book Review. Farr, William E., Blackfoot Redemption: A Blood Indian's Story of Murder, Confinement, and Imperfect Justice, 52 no. 2 JOURNAL OF THE WEST (2013).

Book Review. Thomson, K.,The Legacy of the Mastodon: The Golden Age of Fossils in America, 59 MONTANA: THE MAGAZINE OF WESTERN HISTORY (2009). 

Book Review. Punke, M., Last StandGeorge Bird Grinnell, the Battle to Save the Buffalo, and the Birth of the New West, 47 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 87 (2008).

Book Review. Warren, L., Buffalo Bill’s America: William Cody and the Wild West Show, 45 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 98 (2006).

Book Review. White Justice in Arizona: Apache Murder Trials in the Nineteenth Century, 44 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 96 (2005).

Book Review. Foreman, G., (Ed.)Indian Justice: A Cherokee Murder Trial at Tahlequah in 1840, as Reported by John Howard Payne, 43 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 90 (Summer 2004).

Book Review. Painting Alaska, 41 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 99 (Summer 2002).

Book Review. Urofsky, M, Affirmative Action on Trial: Sex Discrimination in Johnson v. Santa Clara, 38 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 101 (April 1999).

Book Review. Rennick, P. and Campbell, L., Sitka: Alaska Geographic Guide, 39 JOURNAL OF THE WEST 116 (January 1998).

Book Review. Tool Times, Svengalis, K. F., Legal Information Buyer’s Guide & Reference Manual 1997-98, 2 AALL SPECTRUM 18 (Dec. 1997). [HeinOnline