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Charles Gardner Geyh

Faculty bibliography for Professor Geyh

Editorials & Commentaries

Charles Gardner Geyh

John F. Kimberling Professor of Law

Judicial Independence in a Polarized Age, AMERICAN JUDICATURE SOCIETY BULLETIN (forthcoming, 2022).

Considering Reconsidering Judicial Independence, 168 UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA LAW REVIEW ONLINE 35 (2019-2020). [HeinOnline]

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What Would Nino Do With Garland's Nomination? (with Steven Lubet), 247 NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL (May 9, 2016).

Why Isn't Trump Using the Law to Back Up His Mouth?, 247 THE NEW REPUBLIC (June 6, 2016).

SCOTUS Needs a Code of Ethics (with Stephen Gillers), POLITICO (Aug. 8, 2013).

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Why Courts and Congress Collide, and Why their Conflicts Subside, 7 INSIGHTS ON LAW AND SOCIETY 7 (Fall 2006).

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