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Information and links to legal resources and documents from the state of Indiana.

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The Indiana court structure can largely be divided into two levels: trial courts and appellate courts. The trial courts consist of circuit courts, superior courts, and city/town courts at the local level. The appellate courts include the Indiana Supreme Court, the Court of Appeals, and the Tax Court.

 source: Indiana Judiciary


A Citizen's Guide to Indiana's Court System

Prepared as an easy guide to Indiana's Court System, this website provides an overview of Indiana courts

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Indiana Judicial Center

"The Judicial Center is the staff agency of the Judicial Conference of Indiana and was created by statute. The legislature has charged the Judicial Conference with promoting an exchange of experience and suggestions regarding the operation of Indiana's judicial system; promoting continuing education of judges, probation officers, and other court personnel; promoting a better understanding of the judiciary; assisting local courts in developing and improving probation services; setting standards for probation officers; administering the interstate compacts regarding transfer of probationers into and out of Indiana; administering the Court Alcohol and Drug Services Programs; and providing oversight of Indiana's Problem-Solving Courts. The Judicial Center serves the Judicial Conference by carrying out these functions on behalf of the Conference. In addition, the Judicial Center carries out other functions as may be assigned by the Judicial Conference Board of Directors, the Chief Justice, the Supreme Court, or as may be devised by its Executive Director."

(Judicial Center website)

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