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Legal Research Basics: Methods of Finding Statutes: Free and Low-Cost Alternatives

Guide to Statutory Research for LRW Students

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Government Sites

United States Code  

State Codes

  • Find state's official legislative body website
    • National Conference of State Legislatures serves as a resource for those who draft legislation on the state level providing a searchable database that accesses publications and court decisions on a variety of legislative issues
    • (Indiana General Assembly)
      • Code, session laws, bill tracking

Low Cost Commercial

In practice, you may not have access to Lexis, Westlaw, or Bloomberg Law services, so it is good to know about alternative services as well.

State Bar Associations Provide Free Legal Resources - information on four services that may be available from your state bar association

  • Fastcase - the Law Library has a subscription for this if you'd like to get to know this product; its recent partnership with HeinOnline means that you'll be able to access Fastcase materials after graduation, through the Law Library's HeinOnline Alumni Access subscription.
  • Casemaker - free account available for students and faculty
  • Versus Law - try a demo of their site for free
  • LoisLaw - try a free search

To see which state bars offer which services, check out this map from the 3 Geeks and Law Blog.