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Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support in Indiana: Indiana Code

A Research Guide for the Pro Se Litigant


Much of the divorce law of Indiana is defined by statute in the Indiana Code, which is available both in print and online. When using the print edition, you will probably want to start with the general index. Terms relevant to your search might include:

  • Child support
  • Custody of children
  • Dissolution of marriage
  • Visitation

These terms can also be used in a keyword search online.

In Print

The print edition of the annotated Indiana code can be found on the first floor of the library in the State Reference section. The annotated code contains the full text of the Indiana Code along with references to relevant case law.

The annotated Indiana code is published in two different editions:

  • West's Annotated Indiana Code
  • Burn's Indiana Statutes Annotated

Title 31 of the Indiana Code covers family law and juvenile law.  Relevant sections of the code might be found within the following articles of Title 31:

  • Article 11. Family Law: Marriage
  • Article 12. Family Law: Domestic Relations Courts
  • Article 13. Family Law: Parent-Child Relationship
  • Article 14. Family Law: Establishment of Paternity
  • Article 15. Family Law: Dissolution of Marriage and Legal Separation
  • Article 16. Family Law: Support of Children and Other
  • Article 17. Family Law: Custody and Visitation Rights
  • Article 18. Family Law: Uniform Interstate Family Support Act


The Indiana General Assembly website provides the full text of the Indiana Code, arranged topically by title number. You can search the code by citation number or by keyword.