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Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, and Child Support in Indiana: Getting Started

A Research Guide for the Pro Se Litigant

Reference Desk

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This research guide was created by Michelle Cosby, Reference Intern, 2005.

Updated by Robert Clark, Reference Intern, 2012.

Purpose of This Guide

This research guide is intended for the pro se litigant in a proceeding related to divorce, child custody, visitation, or child support in Indiana. The books listed here provide a brief overview of Indiana divorce law. From there, you may wish to explore the law in further detail using the resources listed under the other tabs.

Introduction to Indiana Divorce Law

Vincent S. Taylor. How to do Your Own Divorce in Indiana. (c. 1978, rev. 1995). [Reference KFI 3100.Z9 T3 1995]

This is a good place to start. Taylor provides a brief overview of divorce law in Indiana, and helps the reader determine whether or not to proceed without a lawyer. Relevant legal forms are included.

William R. Buckley. Handling Your Own Divorce Without a Lawyer: A Guide to Self-Representation in Indiana. (1986). [General Collections KFI 3100.Z9 B83 1986]

Another brief introduction to Indiana divorce law, this book is "designed to assist the average individual in filing and proceeding with an uncontested divorce."