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Ivan Cate Rutledge

Author Page

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Ivan Cate Rutledge

Professor of Law, 1954-1963


Religious Liberty and the Fourteenth Amendment, 9 GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL 141 (1946). [HeinOnline]

An Objective Test of Transfers in Contemplation of Death (with Charles Lowndes), 24 TEXAS LAW REVIEW 134 (1946). [HeinOnline]

When Is a Political Questions Justiciable?, 9 GEORGIA BAR JOURNAL 394 (1947). [HeinOnline]

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A New Tribunal of the State of Washington, 26 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 196 (1951). [HeinOnline]

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The Regulation of the Movement of Workers' Forced Labor in the United States, 1953 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW QUARTERLY 150. [HeinOnline]

Administrative Trial Examiners: The Anonymous "Masters," 30 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 26 (1955). [HeinOnline]

Proposed Procedure for Administering Heart Cases Under the Washington Industrial Insurance Act, 31 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 67 (1956). [HeinOnline]

Medical Witnesses in Workmen's Compensation, 32 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 313 (1957). [HeinOnline]

The Effect of a Strike and/or Termination of the Agreement Upon Collective Bargaining, 14 LABOR LAW JOURNAL 995 (1963).

Book & Film Reviews

Book Review. Lake, I.B., Discrimination by Railroads and Other Public Utilities, 23 WASHINGTON LAW REVIEW 84 (1948). [HeinOnline]

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Film Review. The Constitution and Employment Standards, 10 JOURNAL OF LEGAL EDUCATION 515 (1958). [HeinOnline]

Book Review. Freedom to Travel: Report of the Special Committee to Study Passport Procedures of the Association of the Bar of the City of New York, 1959 WASHINGTON UNIVERSITY LAW QUARTERLY 318. [HeinOnline]