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Maurice James Holland, Jr.


Maurice James Holland, Jr.

Professor of Law, 1973-1986; Acting Dean, 1984-1985, 1986


American Liberals and Judicial Activism: Alexander Bickel's Appeal from the New to the Old, 51 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 1025 (1976). [HeinOnline]

Modernizing Res Judicata: Reflections on the Parklane Doctrine, 55 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 615 (1980). [HeinOnline]

Prospects for Federalism, 6 HARVARD JOURNAL OF LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY 31 (1982). [HeinOnline]

Dedication - Ralph F. Fuchs (with F. Reed Dickerson, et. al.), 60 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 1 (1984). [HeinOnline]

Dean's Message, BILL OF PARTICULARS 4 (Autumn 1985).

A Hurried Perspective on the Critical Legal Studies Movement: The Marx Brothers Assault the Citadel, 8 HARVARD JOURNAL OF LAW AND PUBLIC POLICY 239 (1985). [HeinOnline]

A Tribute to Harry Pratter (with Terry A. Bethel and Douglass Boshkoff), 78 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL (2003). [HeinOnline]

Book Reviews

Book Review. Berger, R., Executive Privilege: A Constitutional Myth, 50 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 193 (1975). [HeinOnline]‚Äč

Book Review. Palmer, G. E., Law of Restitution, 54 INDIANA LAW JOURNAL 313 (1979). [HeinOnline]