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Steve Sanders

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Steve Sanders

Professor of Law; Adjunct Professor, Department of Political Science; Affiliated Faculty, Department of Gender Studies and The Kinsey Institute -- An open platform for "insightful and dynamic thinking." 

I’ve been looking into IU’s presidential search. Now a law firm is demanding to snoop through my email. (Oct. 4, 2021).

ACSBlog -- ACSBlog is sponsored by the American Constitution Society.

Relationship Check-in: LGBTQ People and the Supreme Court (Jun. 30, 2021).

Pronouns, "Academic Freedom," and Conservative Judicial Activism (Apr. 12, 2021).

Bostock: A Textualist Trump Appointee Delivers a Landmark Victory for LGBT Equality (Jun. 15, 2020).

As a Federal Judge, Would the "Tweeter Laureate of Texas" Follow Supreme Court Law? (Dec. 12, 2017).

Hively, Statutory Interpretation, and the Fiction of a Functional and Reasonable Congress (Apr. 7, 2017).

Why the Supreme Court Should Dismiss the Gavin Grimm Case (Feb. 27, 2017).

We Must Be the Change We Wish to See in Our Constitution (Sept. 18, 2015).

Indiana's RFRA: The Law Is Complicated, but the Anti-Gay Politics Are Not (Mar. 29, 2015).

Is a Right-to-Remain-Married Compromise Taking Shape at the Supreme Court? (Jan. 17, 2015).

Marriage Equality Is a National Issue, And So the Time Has Come for our National Court to Address It (originally appeared on The Huffington Post) (Jan. 8, 2015).

A New Front for Marriage Equality: Recognizing Same-Sex Marriages from Other States (July 31, 2013).

Santorum, Same-Sex Marriage Nullification, and the Constitution (Jan. 3, 2012).

Why Iowa's Anti-Gay, Anti-Judiciary Conservatives are Unfaithful to their State's History and Traditions (Aug. 5, 2011).

States Seek Ability to Continue Discriminating against Gay Families (Oct. 29, 2010).

Conveniently Supporting Checks on Political Power (Mar. 27, 2009).

SCOTUSBlog -- SCOTUSBlog is devoted to covering the U.S. Supreme Court comprehensively, without bias and according to the highest journalistic and legal ethical standards. The blog is provided as a public service.

Symposium: Sometimes It Takes Unelected Justices, Not the Political Process, to Give Americans the Law They Really Want (June 26, 2015).

Symposium: Let's Be Clear -- The Marriage Bans Are About Animus (Jan. 16, 2015).

Next on the Agenda for Marriage Equality Litigators... (June 26, 2013).

Same-Sex Marriage Symposium: Gay Marriage, Democracy, and Judicial Review (Sept. 14, 2012).

Legal Scholarship Highlight: Affirmative Action and Academic Freedom (Sept. 14, 2012).

The Right to Marry, and the Right to Remain Married (Aug. 23, 2011).

Interview with Bill Barnhart, co-author of John Paul Stevens: An Independent Life, Part I (May 28, 2010).

Interview with Bill Barnhart, co-author of John Paul Stevens: An Independent Life, Part II (June 2, 2010).

Huffington Post -- The Huffington Post (HuffPost) is an American news and opinion website and blog founded in 2005.

Anti-LGTBQ Activists Are Beginning to Realize "We Don't Win Anymore"  (July 26, 2016).

Notorious RBG Apologists Are Picking a Dangerous Fight (July 14, 2016).

Indiana RFRA Fuss Shows Where the Real Mainstream Now Runs (Apr. 3, 2015).

Huckabee, Gay People, Finger Food, and Logic (Feb. 1, 2015).

Is a Marriage Equality Compromise Taking Shape at the Supreme Court? (Jan. 20, 2015).

Marriage Equality Is a National Issue, And So the Time Has Come for Our National Court to Address It (Jan. 3, 2015).

Gaming Out Gay Marriage's Path to the Supreme Court (June 6, 2012).

Are We Ready for a Real National Conversation on Same-Sex Marriage? (Feb. 7, 2012).

The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog -- 

Remembering Judge Terence Evans (Aug. 11, 2011).

Obama and Same-Sex Marriage: The Lawyerly Straddle Continues (June 24, 2011).

Paul Clement, DOMA, and the Role of Lawyers for Unpopular Causes (Apr. 25, 2011).

DOJ Abandons Defense of the "Defense of Marriage Act": First Thoughts (Feb. 23, 2011).

Other Blog Posts 

Dorf on Law -- Justices, Like Any Other Judges, Should Not Be Partisans: A Response to Eric Segall (July 17, 2016).

Human Rights Campaign -- Windsor and Obergefell: Marriage Equality as Equal Dignity (June 30, 2016).