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Leandra Lederman

Faculty bibliography for Professor Lederman


Leandra Lederman

William W. Oliver Professor of Tax Law


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Book Reviews

Book Review. Addressing Imperfections in the Tax System: Procedural or Substantive Reform? (with Stephen W. Mazza), Johnston, D.C., Perfectly Legal: The Covert Campaign to Rig Our Tax System to Benefit the Super Rich--and Cheat Everyone Else, 103 MICHIGAN LAW REVIEW 1423 (2005). [SSRN] [HeinOnline]. Reprinted in condensed form in THE MONTHLY DIGEST OF TAX ARTICLES (March 2006).

Court Briefs

Ninth Circuit Brief of Law Academics and Professors as Amici Curiae in Opposition to the Petition for Rehearing En Banc in Altera v. Commissioner (with Susan C. Morse, et. al.). Sept. 6, 2019. [SSRN]

Supplemental Brief of Amici Curiae with Reuben Avi-Yonah, et. al. in Altera Corp. v. Commissioner, in support of Respondent-Appellant Commissioner (2018). [SSRN]

Brief of Amici Curiae with J. Richard Harvey, Ruth Mason, Susan Morse, Stephen Shay and Bret Wells in Altera Corp. v. Commissioner, in support of Respondent-Appellant Commissioner (2016). [SSRN]

Brief as Amica Curiae in support of petitioners in the consolidated U.S. Supreme Court cases of Ballard v. Commissioner and Estate of Kanter v. Commissioner (2004).

Blog Posts

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Stephanie McMahon, "Tax as Part of a Broken Budget: Good Taxes Are Good Cause Enough" (Mar. 2, 2018).

IU Tax Policy Colloquium: Glogower, "Taxing Inequality" (Feb. 20, 2018).

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IU Tax Policy Colloquium: Brooks, "The Case for Incrementalism in Tax Reform"  (Feb. 6, 2018).

IU Tax Policy Colloquium: Brennan & McDonald, "Debt and Equity Taxation: A Combined Economic and Legal Perspective" (Jan. 24, 2018).

The 2018 Tax Policy Colloquium at the IU Maurer Law School (Jan. 11, 2018).

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Are Sexual Harassment Plaintiffs' Attorneys' Fees Inadvertently Disallowed by the Tax Cuts Bill? (Dec. 19, 2017).

Tomorrow's Ninth Circuit Oral Argument in Altera (Oct. 10, 2017).

The Real IRS Scandal (Oct. 5, 2017).

Analysis of the ABA Tax Section's Reduced Travel Support for Academics (Sept. 25, 2017).

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ACTC Letter Requesting a Variance for Tax Guidance (Mar. 27, 2017).

When a Tax Strategy Benefits a Subnational Government (Mar. 13, 2017).

Death, Taxes, and a Beach Read (Mar. 9, 2017).

The Status of Judicial Anti-Abuse Doctrines If Code Section 7701(o) Were Repealed (Feb. 20, 2017).

Concluding Thoughts on the 2017 Mini-Symposium on "The Future of Tax Administration and Enforcement" (Feb. 10, 2017).

2017 Mini-Symposium on "The Future of Tax Administration and Enforcement" (Jan. 18, 2017).

Deficient Notices of Deficiency and the Remedy Question (Jan. 13, 2017).

Letter Urging the Senate to Vote on U.S. Tax Court Nominations (Nov. 10, 2016).

Tax Professor Letter Opposing Impeachment or Censure of IRS Commissioner Koskinen (Aug. 29, 2016).

"Taxman" at 50 (Aug. 5, 2016).

Don't Impeach IRS Commissioner Koskinen (July 20, 2016).

An Amicus Brief on Behalf of the Commissioner in Altera (July 15, 2016).

The New Tax Gap Map: Not Much Has Changed (May 2, 2016).

Introduction Post: Leandra Lederman (Apr. 22, 2016).

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Agenda for 112th: Sunsetting Tax Provisions (published as part of the Masters' Forum) (Nov. 5, 2010).

Leandra Lederman on Field's Check-the-Box (Aug. 4, 2008).

Thank You! (Apr. 19, 2007).

Virtual Tax Revisited (Apr. 18, 2007).

Tax Humor (Apr. 17, 2007).

Fiscal Equalization for the U.S.? (Apr. 15, 2007).

What Do We Owe Future Generations? (Apr. 13, 2007).

Administrability Matters in the Federal Income Tax (Apr. 10, 2007).

Virtual Tax, Part 2 (Apr. 7, 2007).

Virtual Tax, Part 1 (Apr. 5, 2007).