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State Constitutions: T

Information on researching state constitutions and their history. Includes a 50-State A to Z list of resources for finding the full text of state constitutions, information on amendment process, pending and historical amendments, artifacts and documents.


Tennessee General Assembly


Texas Legislature

  • Amendment Process
    • Guide to Texas Legislative Information
      • Discusses how the process of introducing and passing a joint resolution to amend the constitution differs from the regular legislative process for bills.
  • Pending Amendments and Historical Constitutional Amendments Considered
    • Legislative Reference Library of Texas, Constitutional Amendment Search
      • If you have a specific amendment you are searching for you can search that way; however, by simply selecting a Legislative Session, from the 16th session in 1879 to the 82nd in 2011, you can pull up a list of amendments considered for that session, including the bill number, the topic of the bill, and the outcome.
    • Texas Legislative Council, Amendments to the Texas Constitution since 1876, March 2010
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
    • Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas, Texas Constitutions 1824 - 1876
      • Completely updated and revised in 2013, contains the text of all the organic documents of Texas, including those from the period under Mexican rule and of the Republic of Texas.  Also included in the collection are constitutional convention journals and debates and the printing history for each version of the state's constitution.