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State Constitutions: S

Information on researching state constitutions and their history. Includes a 50-State A to Z list of resources for finding the full text of state constitutions, information on amendment process, pending and historical amendments, artifacts and documents.

South Carolina

South Carolina Legislature

  • Pending Amendments
    • Legislation Search by Subject
      • This is the subject search interface for searching South Carolina legislation back to 1977; select Constitution of South Carolina as your Subject Topic

South Dakota

South Dakota Legislature Research Council

  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Archived Sessions
      • Going back to 1997, you can use this interface to select a session, then use the Subject Index on the left side of the screen to locate proposed constitutional amendments.  Unfortunately this subject index’s options change from session to session, so in some years you may be able to select Constitution: Amendments or Constitution: State/South Dakota, but in others you may have to settle with Joint Resolutions.  Not all joint resolutions are necessarily constitutional amendments, but the list that comes up will have brief descriptions of the resolution’s purpose (and the lists are fairly short for each available legislative session)