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State Constitutions: N

Information on researching state constitutions and their history. Includes a 50-State A to Z list of resources for finding the full text of state constitutions, information on amendment process, pending and historical amendments, artifacts and documents.


Nebraska Legislature


Nevada Legislature

  • Pending Amendments
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Session Information
      • Resources on proposed legislation in sessions 1985 to present; more recent sessions work quite like the current session (under “Bill Information” for selected year, choose either Assembly/Senate  Joint Resolutions or find Constitutional Amendments, Nevada in the Subject Index); however some of the earlier years differ slightly in search capabilities, so it may be necessary in these sessions to have the number of a specific resolution at hand
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents


New Hampshire

New Hampshire State Legislature

  • Pending Amendments
    • Legislation Text Search
      • This is the bill text search interface for the New Hampshire state legislature (called the General Court); they do not appear to have a subject index, so the best means of finding proposed constitutional amendments is a text search.  Entering ‘constitution and amend!’ appears to be a successful search string for returning proposed amendments as search results.
      • You can also select specific years to search, from 1989 to present; alternatively, you can leave this blank and return results from any year; however, if you choose this option, the results are not sorted by year
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Use the link listed above; 1989 to present only

New Jersey

New Jersey Legislature

  • Pending Amendments
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Bill Search
      • This is actually the homepage for the NJ legislature; however, from here you can select a legislative year under Bills on the left side of the screen (1996 to present), and for that selected year you can search bills by subject – use subject “Constitutional Amendments”
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
    • New Jersey Constitutions
      • Much more than past versions of the state constitution, this resource also includes information on constitutional conventions held in the state, as well as select proposed amendments from 1882, 1927, and 1944.

New Mexico

New Mexico Legislature 

New York

New York State Assembly and New York State Senate

North Carolina

North Carolina General Assembly

  • Pending Amendments
    • Bill by Keywords
      • This link will take you to the bill search by keyword for the state; it’s keyed to letter C – scroll down to  Constitution, NC for a list of pending constitutional amendments
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Bill Reports
      • For past sessions’ bills, there does not appear to be a search mechanism of any kind; instead, this link will take you to Browse Bills, which will allow you to see any bills from a selected year (back to 2005) that had some action taken on them that year
      • As these lists are rather long, the best advice would be to hit Ctrl+F and search the page for keywords that might bring up a proposed constitutional amendment.  To make matters more complicated, the language appears to differ from year to year, so no uniform keyword is apparent; for example, searching the page of 2005 bills with Constitution will not bring up any hits, because the one constitutional amendment in that year’s list is abbreviated Const’l (S1079); in 2010, in contrast, Const’l will not bring up any hits, because the one amendment listed is entitled Amend Constitution (H2079); if you are concerned about missing any potential amendments due to this vocabulary flux, you can search Amend, but this will bring up many more hits to amendments of various laws, so you will have to scroll through each hit looking for the constitutional amendments.


North Dakota

North Dakota Legislative Branch