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State Constitutions: M

Information on researching state constitutions and their history. Includes a 50-State A to Z list of resources for finding the full text of state constitutions, information on amendment process, pending and historical amendments, artifacts and documents.


Maine Legislature



Maryland General Assembly

  • Pending Amendments
    • On the "Legislation by Session" page of the Maryland General Assembly website, use the "Narrow Subjects" filter to focus on  "Constitutional Amendments" and retrieve Constitutional amendments dating back to the 1996 Regular Session.
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Prior Session Information
      • This page will allow you to access a listing of proposed amendments from 1996 to 2011; in order to access these, you will click on the check mark in the row labeled Subject Indexes and in the column of the year you wish to examine.  This will take you to the subject index for that year – scroll the subject listing until you get to Constitutional Amendments, then click Search.  You will be directed to a list of proposed amendments, which will tell you who proposed it and what the ultimate disposition was.  By clicking on the bill number, you can see a more detailed legislative history of the proposed amendment.
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents


Massachusetts Legislature



Michigan Legislature

  • Amendment Process (Article XII)
    • Citizen’s Research Council, No. 360-03, March 2010, CRC Special Report: Michigan Constitutional Issues, “Amending the Michigan Constitution: Trends and Issues
      • In addition to explaining the two ways constitutional amendments can be proposed in Michigan, this report also provides an historical analysis of attempted constitutional amendments and highlights constitutional provisions often targeted for amendment.  The report also provides charts of the number of amendment attempts, both successful and unsuccessful.
  • Pending Amendments
    • Joint Resolutions Search
      • By selecting a session of either the House or the Senate (from the 1995/96 session to the present session), you can browse the proposed amendments of that session.  If you select a specific joint resolution to look at you will be directed to a PDF of the resolution in its current form and a table that shows the resolution’s history and status in the legislature.
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
    • Historical Documents Relating to the Laws of Michigan
      • Links to the Magna Carta, the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Government of the Northwest Territory, as well as the Michigan constitutions of 1835, 1850, and 1908 (text only)
    • Citizens Research Council, No. 360-02, February 2010, CRC Special Report: Michigan Constitutional Issues, “A Brief Michigan Constitutional History
      • Provides a history of the Michigan constitution; second report in a series of CRC reports on the constitution – the third report is cited under Amendment Process, above
    • Citizens Research Council – Publications – State Constitutional Issues
      • This is a list of links to reports on the Michigan state constitution; of varying length, these reports address the Michigan constitution from a variety of angles and provide a wealth of information on the amendment process and history in Michigan.


Minnesota State Legislature

  • Pending Amendments
    • Hot List
      • List of proposed laws on popular topics; amendments listed under Constitutional Amendment



Mississippi State Legislature

  • Pending Amendments
    • Mississippi Legislative Bill Status System Global Text Search
      • Search interface; select a session (1999 to present); from right-hand side of screen that appears, select “all legislation” and play around with search terms (‘amend constitution’ appears to be quite successful)
      • The downside to this interface is that it is difficult to tell the status of the proposed amendment; the search results may bring up different drafts of the same proposal, which can be helpful in your research, but will require your understanding of the language they use to identify the various stages of a bill, which is not immediately clear.
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
    • Enabling Act of Colorado
    • Sturm College of Law (Denver), Research Guide: Researching Pending [Colorado] Legislation
      • Although this is more focused on statutory legislative history, this resource does provide helpful advice for navigating and searching the pending legislation portion of the Colorado General Assembly website.



Missouri General Assembly

  • Pending Amendments
    • Senate
      • ​​Topical Index: select “C” and scroll down to/click on Constitutional Amendment
    • House of Representatives
      • ​​Subject Index: select “C” and scroll down to/click on Constitutional Amendments
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Past Session Archives
      • Past session archives – select a session (1995 to present), then select Subject Index for that session and look under C for Constitutional Amendments



Montana Legislature