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State Constitutions: I

Information on researching state constitutions and their history. Includes a 50-State A to Z list of resources for finding the full text of state constitutions, information on amendment process, pending and historical amendments, artifacts and documents.


Idaho Legislature

  • Amendment Process
  • Pending Amendments
    • Legislative Topic Index, under Constitutional Amendments
      • From this link, you can also select “Prior Sessions” from the menu across the top of the screen, select a session from 1998 through the current session, and search constitutional amendments the same way – Legislation – By Subject – Constitutional Amendments
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Initiative and Constitutional Amendment Information
      • Constitutional Amendment Provisions that have been on the ballot in elections from 1998 to present
      • Under Miscellaneous this page provides a listing of Constitutional amendments in Idaho from 1892 to the present




Illinois General Assembly

  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
    • Illinois Constitution (Illinois Digital Archives)
      • Includes digital reproductions from the first Illinois constitution in 1818 to the constitution of 1970, with debates and proceedings of the corresponding constitutional conventions.
    • Illinois Blue Books (Illinois Digital Archives)
      • ​​Includes digital reproductions of historical editions of the Illinois Bluebook, nationally recognized as a significant sources for understanding the three branches of Illinois state government.


Indiana General Assembly

  • Amendment Process
  • Pending Constitutional Amendments
  • Historical Constitutional Amendments Considered
  • Session Archives, choose Bills and Resolutions (also indexed in House & Senate Journals)
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
  • State Constitutions
    • State documents accessible from the website of the Indiana Historical Bureau. Includes the following:
      • Indiana's first constitution, 1816 
      • The complete text of the Journal of the Convention of the Indiana Territory 1816
      • Indiana's Constitution of 1851
      • Links to the digitized two-volume set of the Report of the Debates and Proceedings of the Convention for the Revision of the Constitution of the State of Indiana 1850
      • Indiana's Road to Statehood - Documents leading to statehood 
  • Published biennially from 1858 to 1887, transcripts of debate from the Indiana General Assembly.
  • Constitution Making in Indiana: a Source Book of Constitutional Documents with Historical Introduction and Critical Notes (Kettleborough, Charles).
  • Contains documents which illustrate and interpret the constitutional growth and development of the state of Indiana from 1780 to 1960.
  • v. 1. 1780-1851, v. 2. 1851-1916, v. 3. 1916-1930, v. 4. 1930-1960.  Includes indexes.  Location: KFI3400 .K45 v. 1-4.
  • Digitzed copies can be found in the HathiTrust or in the Internet Archive.
  • The Indiana Constitutional Convention of 1850-1851 (Donald F. Carmony)
    • A complete reprint of the 1931 master’s thesis of Dr. Donald F. Carmony, one of Indiana’s best known and most respected state historians. Explores and explains Indiana’s second constitutional convention, with references to primary source materials (records of the convention and contemporary newspapers).
    • Indexed by name and subject.  Location: KFI 3401 1851 .A29 2009.
  • Indiana Memory
    • The Indiana digital Library, is a collaboration of Indiana libraries, museums, archives, and related cultural organizations to enable access to Indiana's unique cultural and historical heritage through a variety of digital formats and free distribution over the Internet.
  • The Indiana State Constitution: A Reference Guide (McLauchlan, William P.). Greenwood Press, 1996.
    • Provides a summary of the state’s constitutional history as well as a detailed analysis of the constitutions, judicial interpretations, and references to books, articles, and other commentary on the constitutions.
    • Location: KFI3401 1851 .A6 M38 1996
  • Road to indiana Statehood (Program of Digital Scholarship, IUPUI University Library)
    • Digitzed copies of original documents and research materials relating to Indiana's constitutional history.


Iowa Legislature