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State Constitutions: C

Information on researching state constitutions and their history. Includes a 50-State A to Z list of resources for finding the full text of state constitutions, information on amendment process, pending and historical amendments, artifacts and documents.


California State Legislature
  • Pending Amendments
    • Bill Information Text Search
      • No listing of proposed constitutional amendments could be found; however, from this search interface you can search the phrase “constitutional amendment” (in quotes) and bring up any Senate or Assembly bills that include that phrase.
      • In California, you are looking for ACA – Assembly Constitutional Amendment or SCA – Senate Constitutional Amendment
      • This search interface can be used to search through Session Year 1999-2000 up to the present session year.
  • Historical Constitutional Amendments Considered


Colorado General Assembly

  • Pending Amendments
  • Historical Amendments Considered
    • Digest of Bills
      • The Digest of Bills is a publication that lists and summarizes all bills (and constitutional amendments) enacted by the Colorado legislature that year.  This site has coverage of the Digest back to 1933 in PDF form; from 1994 to the present, the format is electronic.  Constitutional amendments will be found under “Proposed Constitutional Amendments.”
    • Ballot History, By Constitutional/Statutory Change
      • This is a list of proposed constitutional changes, dating from 1882 to 2010.  Beginning in 1906, the list also provides the voting outcomes for these proposed constitutional amendments.
  • Resources, Artifacts and Documents
    • Enabling Act of Colorado (Territorial Constitution)
    • Sturm College of Law (Denver), Research Guide: Researching Colorado Legislative History
      • Although this is more focused on statutory legislative history, this resource does provide helpful advice for navigating and searching the pending legislation portion of the Colorado General Assembly website.


Connecticut General Assembly

  • Pending Amendments
    • Subject Index to Bills A-Z for the 2012 Legislative Session
      • Subject search of Connecticut bills for the current legislative session; look under “S” for State Constitutional Amendments (currently for the 2012 legislative session there are none pending)
    • Advanced Legislative Document Search
      • This alternative search interface will allow you to search legislatures as far back as 1988, but you may have to play around with the wording of your search.  Performing a title search (“contains the phrase”) on “constitutional amendment” in Bill/Resolution Status and Bill/Resolution Text will bring up the text and status on several recent constitutional amendment endeavors in Connecticut.
  • Historical Amendments Considered