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Brian Broughman

Faculty bibliography for Brian Broughman


Brian J. Broughman

Professor of Law


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Book Chapters

Relational Contracting and Business Norms in Entrepreneurial Finance in THE HANDBOOK ON LAW AND ENTREPRENEURSHIP (Gordon Smith and Christine Hurt, Eds.). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, (Forthcoming 2018).

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Book Reviews

Book Review. Audretsch, D.B. and E.E. Lehmann (Eds.). Corporate Governance in Small and Medium-Sized Firms. 3 JOURNAL OF ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND PUBLIC POLICY 320 (2014).


Amicus Brief of Law and Finance Professors in Verition Partners v. Aruba Networks (Appraisal Lawsuit) (with Audra L. Boone, et. al.), 2019. [SSRN]

Amicus Curiae Brief in Gelboim v. Bank of America on Behalf of Financial Markets Law Professors in Support of Plaintiffs-Appellants (with Jordan M. Barry, 2015. [SSRN]